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Social Media: Target 1000 followers!

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I want to thank all of you who have been making great comments on social media about Bill's Beadery!  I have been working hard to grow my follower base organically.  Some small businesses pay for followers just to puff up the relevance of their profile, but my approach (albeit slow going!) has always been honest and up front, using a little elbow grease to find my base of special followers.  I would rather have 10 faithful followers who are genuinely interested in knowing me and my work than to have a million followers who are tagged to me for no substantive reason.  My followers join me because they like what I have to say, and they are true fans of my art or my entrepreneurial spirit. 

So, thank YOU!!!

Now friends, I am on a mission this year.  I am now at 987 twitter followers, and I only have 13 more followers to gain to reach my goal of 1000 followers!  

My Pinterest Page has seen a wildfire of activity, and I have been quickly growing in that social space too.  I just reached 100 followers!  Granted, I have 900 more followers to gain in order to reach my goal, but as long as people are pinning my jewelry and inviting me to post to their boards like Vintage Inspired Jewelry Boards, Best Buy Friends Beaded Designs , Etsy ,We Heart U, Etsy Treasuries Group Board,  and I Adore It, I know plenty more followers will jump on board.  

Here are just a few of many the comments I have been getting on social media: 

Handmade Beaded Designer Jewelry Sale

I just launched the St. Patrick's Day Sale, and for those of you who subscribe to my free email list , you will automatically become a Bill's Beadery Member, which entitles you to special discounts on certain necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other handmade accessories- discounts that are often OVER and ABOVE the sale prices!  
As a member, you are also privy to exclusive previews of new collections before they go public.
(I cannot WAIT to preview for my members the beautiful statement necklace collection I am releasing this Spring
Remember, my handmade jewelry is one of a kind.  Each piece is unique and can only have one owner to love and cherish it forever.  When it's sold, it is gone forever.  My members have the advantage because they always have first dibs!  

For my friends who are melancholy from a looooooong, cold and snowy winter, SPRING is only a little more than a week away!  

Take care friends- 



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